Next Level 350 Series

Thank you for attending Lesson 1 of our 12 week Training Series! Please note that lessons do not have to be taken in numerical order. You are welcome to start anytime during the 3 month rotation.
Here are your notes and homework from class. Keep practicing to solidify all you learned.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!


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Block Mechanic

  • Soft Hand and body
  • No sharp angles or straight lines
  • Contact out in front
  • Weight forward and fluid
  • Like you have a fishing net that you are just going to catch the ball in- no chop, no punch just paddle/net out there to catch the ball in net

Feed and Block Drill

  • Players straight on at the NVZ
  • 1 player feeds a firm ball at body of partner
  • Partner must block ball back into NVZ focusing on form
    • Players take 1 min rounds and see how many feeds they can reset into the NVZ

The Slap: High Volley Mechanic

  • Short to no Backswing
  • Prep -PAUSE and wait for ball to get to you – Slap down on ball
  • CONTACT POINT is key
    • Too early = in the net
    • Too late (big backswing) = sailing long
  • On forehands reach up with non paddle hand to promote shoulder rotation
  • This shot uses your weight transfer and body rotation to create power safely

Triple Threat at the Net Drill

  • Partner Feeds 3 balls to hitting player
  • 1 Block
  • 1 Punch
  • 1 Slap
  • Set out targets down the line to aim at