Next Level 250 Series

Thank you for attending Lesson 8 of our 8 week Training Series! Please note that lessons do not have to be taken in numerical order. You are welcome to start anytime during the 2 month rotation.
Here are your notes and homework from class. Keep practicing to solidify all you learned.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!


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Ball Control

  • We control the ball by keeping our bodies relaxed and our swing speed under control
  • Our swing speed is the gas pedal
    • Slower swing = softer shot
    • Faster swing = powerful shot
  • Slow down the swing – don’t abbreviate it to play patty cake when you want to soften the ball
  • Guide the ball don’t strike the ball

Dinking Drill for Ball Control

Part #1 – Ball to Paddle dinking

  • Players stand straight on to each other 
  • 1 tosses the dink and 1 hits the dink back
    • Focus is on getting the ball to bounce in front of your partner

Part #2 – Paddle to Paddle Dinking 

    • Players stand straight on to each other 
    • Both players dinking with paddle
      • Focus is on getting the ball to bounce in front of your partner


  • Serve and Stay – stay back when serving so you can hit the third shot and then move to the net.
  • Return and Run (brisk walk) – hit your return of serve and get to the net quickly. Do not stay back when returning.
  • Do not Run to the net-  get there in a timely and smart manner by walking briskly with your paddle out in front ready to take a ball

Serve, Return, Third, Fourth Drill

  • Players play skinny (half the court) either cross court or down the line

  • Players play out a serve, return, third ball then fourth and then stop the rally

  • Focus is on transitioning as both the server and the returner with appropriate speed and at the appropriate time.

We Would Love To Work With You Again!

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