Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 pm 

At Club Pickleball USA we understand the struggles and challenges of learning a new game. It can be overwhelming, daunting, and downright scary!  Nobody wants to feel foolish, and with new skills and rules to learn it can be really confusing without someone there to show you the way. So with you in mind, we have created a 4-week immersive Beginner Pickleball Series!

Pickleball 101 Clinic Series is designed to help you understand and develop the skills and knowledge to give you the needed confidence to springboard you forward on your way to enjoying this fun, social and addicting game.

You will learn the mechanics and names of the basic strokes in pickleball, when they are used and further solidify your knowledge of the flow of the game and scoring.

You may begin anytime during the 4 part series.  Parts do not have to be taken in order, but all 4 parts will need to be completed. Topics Covered:

Part A: Dinking
Part B: Ground Strokes
Part C: Serve/Volleys
Part C: Transitioning: moving forward from the baseline

60 min Instruction/ 60 min non coached Game Play – 8 student max
$60 per student